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Due to the success of Yak Attack over the years, we have been able to make some small contributions to various causes through our Yak Attack Foundation.

In 2013, we financed some of the top Nepali riders to attend the Asian MTB Games in China, the Langkawi MTB race in Malaysia, and supported Ajay Pandit Chhetri, for 2 seasons of racing in the UK.  In 2015, we financed the top 3 Nepali riders to participate in the  MTB World Cup in South Africa.

From 2017 onwards The Yak Attack Foundation will be concentrating on supporting existing charities in order to maximise any financial contributions.

One of the major beneficiaries will be NCRR – Nepal Cyclists Ride to Rescue. When the devastating earthquakes of 2015 struck Nepal, a group of top national mountain bikers and friends decided to take action to help those less fortunate, and the NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) NCRR was formed. In less than 2 years the team have raised funds for, and co-ordinated the rebuilding of 7 schools in the Shirkabesi region of Nepal.

With these projects now complete, NCRR will be using their expertise to implement further projects for those that are still affected by the earthquakes or other deserving causes, and will need continued international donations in order to bring these ideas to reality.

Another charity close to our heart is Helping Paws Worldwide, whose aim is to raise awareness on animal welfare and compassion through targetted educational programs through out Nepal and Sri Lanka. They also work closely with other in country charities such as Animal SOS Sri Lanka and Sneha Care to instigate neuter and vaccination programs.

In addition to the above, the Yak Attack Foundation will  continue to support the growth of mountain biking in regions that host our races and provide platforms for the development of talented individual riders.

Please visit the FAQ section on any of the event sites for more details on how you can help any of the above causes and receive a 10% discount off your race entry fee.


Logo for Nepal Cyclist Ride to Rescue


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