Each of our races has it’s own specific FAQ page found at the end of each race page.

Here’s where you’ll find general FAQ’s relating to Mountain Biking Worldwide, our tours and most things mountain biking.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help.

What fitness levels do you cater for?

For all our destinations we cater for a wide variety of riders, from families embarking on a vehicle supported cultural cycle tour to the most adventurous of riders looking to ride the remotest and most technical of trails, and everything in between.

If you have any apprehensions about whether a tour or race will be too hard (or too easy), just get in contact and we’ll talk you through it



Do I need personal travel insurance for a tour or race?



Many of our tours and races travel through remote area’s, where in the event of an emergency, helicopter evacuation maybe necessary.

It is essential that you have travel insurance covering for this and we will need a copy of this for our records before your adventure commences.

Can you recommend an insurance company?

We don’t have a partner policy with any specific insurance company but have found that Dogtag provide comprehensive insurance cover for most nationalities that is suitable for the majority of our holidays and races.


Do you organise the international flights?

We don’t include international flights with our biking holidays which means you are free to shop around for the best deals and flight times to suit your budget and itinerary. We are however happy to recommend airlines and flight times based on your destination and tour should you be looking for assistance or advise. Just drop us a line!!

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes you can and we actually recommend you do if it’s feasible!  Bringing your own bike is the best way to ensure you’ll have maximum comfort on your chosen tour. Of courser, if bringing your own bike isn’t possible then we’re more than happy to provide a hire bike. Bike hire prices vary with location and the type of tour you are considering and we can let you know the cost and bike specification on request.

If you are bringing your own bike, most airlines have straightforward and affordable bike carriage policies and our staff can offer plenty of advice on the various methods of packing and travelling. We’ll even help you assemble it on arrival and pack it away safe and sound when you return!

What kind of bike is best for a Moutain Biking Worldwide holiday or race.


It really depends on your chosen destination and tour and what you are previously used to riding. If you have any doubts about which bike is best for the job, or you wish to hire a bike for the tour or race, then please contact us and we will do our very best to advise.


I have a dietary requirement. Can you cater for me?


Yes. Most dietary requirements can be catered for. Just let us know of any specific requirements and given plenty of notice it is usually possible to fulfill most requests. In the unlikely event it is not possible we will let you know before confirming your place.

Mountain Biking Worldwide is partnered with TORQ; what's the deal?

Our nutritional partner, Torqfitness are offering discounts on all products and coaching services purchased through Mountain Biking Worldwide up to and during the race or tour. They are also able to give advice on the best products to suit your needs for training and during your adventure. Please contact us for more details.


How can I purchase the recommended Torq nutritional package?

TorqFitness have developed a bespoke nutritional package for Yak Attack. Please have a look at this link for further information. You can either add this on as an optional extra when you fill out the application form (to be delivered to your home country or to Nepal), or alternatively contact us to purchase.


Can I purchase an official Mountain Biking Worldwide cycle jersey?

If you are embarking on one of our tours, then you’ll receive a unique MTB-WW cycle top absolutely free of charge!

However if you just like the look of our cycle jerseys (and who can blame you) then they are on sale for US$100 + postage. Email us your size and address and we’ll take care of the rest!



Can I use my tour or race to raise money for charity?


Mountain Biking Worldwide has 3 chosen charities / projects that we support.

NCRR – a Nepal based NGO that rebuilt 7 schools in Nepal after the devastating earthquakes of 2015. Money raised for this charity will go towards the up keep of these schools and towards further school rebuild projects, and greatly assist in the education facilities for many rural children.

Helping Paws Worldwide – whose aim is to raise awareness on animal welfare and compassion through targeted vaccination and neutering camps and educational programs throughout Nepal and Sri Lanka. They also work closely with other in country charities such as Animal SOS Sri Lanka and Sneha Care to instigate neuter and vaccination programs.

The Yak Attack Foundation – money raised for our very own foundation will be used to support the growth of mountain biking in regions that host our races and provide platforms for the development of talented individual riders including the upkeep and development of the Nepal MTB coaching / training centre based in Kathmandu.

Any race participant raising over $300 for any of the above causes will be eligible to a 10% discount off the race entry fee or tour cost

If you do wish to support any of the causes close to our hearts then please make your intentions known at the time of applying and we will send you flyers to assist with promoting your fund raising.

And of course you are more than welcome to use any of our events to raise funds for any causes close to your heart.

How much luggage can I take with me on tour?

Of course you are allowed to bring as much luggage as you desire , but we ask that you endeavour to limit the weight to around 20kg per person for the duration of the tour. You luggage will need to be handled by our staff, numerous times during the day and we als o want to ensure they are fit and happy at then end of the day and not incapacitated with a bad back!!

Bags must be clearly labelled with the riders / companions name so that it is easily identifiable to the owner.

Are soft and alcoholic drinks included in the cost?

No, but these can be purchased separately from local shops, the hotel or teahouse.


Is there a recommended medical kit list for the event?

Your guide will have a medical kit to hand throughout the tour but it is also recommended that you bring the following items along for your safety and convenience.

Plasters (including blister plasters)
Antiseptic spray and/or wash
Hand sanitiser and/or hand wash
Pain killers i.e. paracetamol, ibuprofen etc.
Any prescribed medication (in original containers, clearly labelled: check with your airline whether they should be packed in checked in or hand luggage) – including inhalers / epi-pens
Diarrhoea and vomiting tablets
Constipation tablets
Anti-allergy tablets
Throat tablets
Water filters and/or purifiers for areas of non adequate drinking water
Strong factor of suncream
High factor lip salve
Cat 4 sunglasses

We would also advise that all riders  see their local doctor or travel clinic regarding getting advice and/or medications for the following:

Antibiotics or medications for gastroenteritis
Antibiotics for wound infections (if these differ)
Discussing whether or not they may need altitude sickness tablets (i.e. Diamox)
Pain relief
Any currently prescribed medication that you are taking

For more information on traveling abroad please visit FitforTravel.

What payment methods do you accept for the deposit or balance in full?

At the moment, we can accept bank transfer in either £GBP, $USD & Paypal payments made in £GBP with an additional 5% charge to cover fees. All transfer fees must be covered by the paying customer. Full details will be included in the time of booking.


How do I get to Nepal?
Tribhuvan airport, Kathmandu is the only international airport in Nepal. There are a number of airlines that fly there which include (but are not limited to): Emirates, Qatar, Jet Airways, India, Turkish Airlines. Most flights either go via the middle east or India.


Do I need a visa for Nepal?
Yes, nearly all nationalities need a visa to visit Nepal. Certain nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival at Kathmandu airport, for which you will need 1 passport sized photograph and a pen (on a busy day it can take well over an hour to pass through passport control, especially if you do not have a pen to complete the forms). A 15 day visa is $25 USD, a 30 day visa is $40 USD, or a 90 day visa is $100 USD (this has to be paid for in foreign currency, US$, AUS$, Euro, GBP etc). The necessary documents will be given to you either on your flight or are obtainable in the airport.

For those nationalities that can’t get a visa on arrival, or for the more organised travellers, visas can be arranged in advance at your nearest Nepali embassy. Please check well in advance of your trip with your countries embassy for specific details.

Are there any vaccination requirements for Nepal?
Please check with your local doctor prior to flying to Nepal. The following vaccinations are recommended for people visiting Nepal, but the list is not extensive;


  • Tetanus
  • Polio
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A

I’m thinking about arriving before the tour or departing after it finishes, is that okay?

Of course! We’d love for you to see more of your chosen destination and go to places your tour might not take you. With experienced local teams in place, if you so wish, we can assit in arranging extensions to your holiday, extra night’s accommodation, transport etc.

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