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Racing in the world’s most extreme locations

The Mountain Biking Worldwide race series can’t be classified as XC, Marathon or Enduro; they are in a league of their own. Rather than races, they are akin to battles, a battle between mountain biker and Mother Nature.

Each event has its own unique set of challenges and obstacles, supplied by nature and tweaked by Mountain Biking Worldwide, from the altitude of Nepal, to the heat of Sri Lanka.

Mountain Biking worldwide races definitely aren’t for the armchair rider, but they also aren’t just for the elite. Physical fitness, a mental toughness and the tenacity to endure the extreme, are attributes that will get you to the finish line.

If this is you, then choose your war and let battle commence.

"There is no other race with which it can be compared. It is as much an adventure race as it is a mountain bike race."

Neil Cottam, Jan 2014 – participant of 5 years

"I was expecting a pretty cool adventure, and it delivered. The diversity of what we experienced over the last 10 days was just amazing, from the lowlands and foothills going up to the Annapurna circuit, it was awesome"

Cory Wallace, 2014 participant, 2016 and 2017 winner

"The highest mountain pass in the world, 12000m (39,000ft) of vertical climbing, frostbite, snow blindness, routes that are not completely navigable on two wheels—the Yak Attack has every ingredient needed to test the physical prowess of the toughest endurance athletes on the planet, and also make them question their sanity."

Extract from “THE WORLD’S TOUGHEST ENDURANCE CHALLENGES” written by Richard Hoad and Paul Moore, published 2012.

"There is something really special about setting off in the night, doing something tough. Witnessing the sunrise in the Himalayas and at that altitude is awesome and a privilege. The light and the alpine glow on the surrounding peaks is just incredible and no matter how tough it is, it’s impossible not to feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude."

Richard Parks, 2013 participant

"Even though I didn’t finish, thought I was going to have to be heli-evac’d out at one point, and was shitting myself… date one of the best mtb experiences ever….ranks up there with CTR as a true eye opening experience. The Yak Attack is always on the radar!"

Jeff Kerkove, Topeak Ergon Racing Team, 2012 participant

"It isn’t about man versus man, it’s about man versus nature, and nature definitely has the upper hand."

Phil Stasiw, 2007 participant

"For me, and for most of the other international riders, it wasn’t about competing, but completing. Before the five of us successfully completed the 2009 event, only three other non-Nepalese had ever crossed the pass with their bikes without assistance. This is the Himalaya and we’re talking about over 200km of some of the toughest terrain on Earth"

Outer Edge Magazine, 2009

"I skipped down the mountainside using my trusty steed like a kind off off-road arctic zimmer frame. I finally started to feel elated. The whole event had been about getting over this pass; not just the raw physical challenge, but also the mental torture of worrying about altitude sickness and getting lost. I’d done it and it was now downhill all the way!"

Extract from Single Track World Magazine Article, written by Matt Hart, Director of TORQ, 2008 participant

"Two of my team mates, Jeff and Sonya, raced 2012 Yak Attack, and they told me how awesome it was. I have been obsessed with Yak Attack since then."

Yuki Ikeda, Topeak Ergon Rider, participant of 4 years

"I feel extremely grateful that I am able to go back. So far, it has been the most amazing thing I have ever done or seen in my life and now I get to go back!?!?……..the word epic is overused but this race is the definition of it"

Sonya Looney, Topeak Ergon Rider, 2012 & 2013 participant and Female 1st place

"We’re exhausted, but we soon brighten up when we realise we have another two hours of fast downhill ahead of us. The trail is amazing and it’s packed with super fast fireroads and rocky singletrack. I can’t wipe the grin off my face – this is the reason why I’ve come on this trip and it’s worth all the suffering; it’s awesome."

Extract from MBUK Article, written by Rob Jarman, Berghaus Sponsored Athlete, 2007 participant
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Logo for Yak Attack

The highest mountain bike race on Earth, climbing to the dizzying heights of 5416m above sea level. 5 stages, approx 200km, 6500m of overall altitude gain and a temperature range of +30c to -20c, tests the most hardened of riders. Now in its 12th year, Yak Attack will be going back to its roots with a “Fast and Furious” traverse of the Annapurna circuit.

Logo for Rumble In The Jungle

Sri Lanka’s premier mountain bike stage race, takes riders from hot and humid jungles, through mountain hugging tea plantations and across the islands highest plateau. Along the way riders will need to wade across rivers, ride through dense jungle, which is home to wild elephants, leopards and snakes, tackle 1000+m climbs and negotiate bone clattering rocky descents.

Logo for Rumble In The Jungle

Pokhara IV is a 4 day mountain bike stage race based entirely around the lakeside city of Pokhara.

Each stage will take riders on a different loop out into the Himalayan foothills on trails rarely ridden, all of which give outstanding views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

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